We Proudly Support

Girls In ICT Day Initiative


We believe that girls add a new perspective and another level of richness to anything they get involved and especially to technology.

For that reason we collaborate to the efforts made by many organizations and individuals on the Girls On ICT Day by participating in events that show the potential of technology to change our world and that engages them to join us in that adventure.




The JavaScript (JS) ecosystem is one of the most evolving set of technologies in the market today and is completely transforming how people envision interaction with technology by enabling amazingly rich experiences and high availability.

We support the efforts of the vibrant community behind this ecosystem by encouraging our engineers to become experts on those technologies, to collaborate with their open source projects, and by sponsoring and supporting the local execution of recognized events like the JSConf and the JS Meetups in several ways.


Lean Startup Machine


We believe that enabling entrepreneurs to learn and use lean methodologies have a transformative result for the future of the society. Lean methodologies help people of all kinds to find real world problems and envision products that people need and want to use.

The Lean Startup Machine events are one of the best options available to learn the methodology in a very exciting way based on real experience.


Juan Lizarralde - PGA LatAm Tour


We are committed to support the dreams of the people on a mission to accomplish big things.

Juan Ignacio Lizarralde is a young talented player that dedicated his life to his passion for playing golf, and at Ingenious Softworks we are helping Juan to be one of the best players in the world by being proud sponsors of his dream and supporters of his passion.

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