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Case Study:

Fertility Pro

Improving experiences of IVF through user-centered design


Assisted fertility is a key driver for the life of most intended parents, but the regulations turn the process into a cumbersome experience, generating anxiety for parents and a tough environment for nurses and doctors to navigate in.

The traditional patient intake was a true nightmare for intended parents. They did it, but only because the expected reward was life changing. It consisted in literally completing and signing over thirty long forms full of very personal and intimate information

The Challenge

Is it possible to improve the experience of the assisted fertility processes thru software design?

Design in Action

Ingenious joined MyFertility to challenge the status quo. The objective, to design a platform that simplifies the intended parents experience, and empower the fertility doctors with the right information at the right time.

Every aspect of the product is designed to minimize the patient's stress and keep their expectations at the right place, while meeting all law requirements.

MyFertility is an example of design in a highly-regulated and delicate space of interaction that demonstrated how it is possible to be innovative in such a complex environment.


MyFertility system was introduced to the 2016 American Society for Reproductive Medicine congress at Salt Lake City. Nowadays, the platform is on beta testing phase and about to be officially released to the US market.

MyFertility founders received many expressions of interest from different clinics and labs within the US.

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