Case: Trillonario

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Case Summary sought to differentiate their value proposition and customer experience from increased competition. Ingenious Softworks designed and executed innovative customer experiences based on the application of behavioral design principles. Partnering with Ingenious Softworks enabled the in-house team to focus on running the business and expanding to new markets while we took care of creating a new stream of experiences for existing customers.

About Trillonario ( in the US) is the biggest lottery ticket broker in the Americas and one of the biggest internationally. By enabling people to participate in most major lotteries across the world the platform has delivered prizes of all sizes to over 260.000 lottery winners. Additionally, the company is committed to enhance the living conditions of many poor communities within Latin America by dedicating a significant portion of their revenues to that end.

The story

With clients in 118 different countries, is recognized as one of the most dynamic lottery ticket brokers internationally. Revenue suffered as new companies emerged in this ever-evolving, competitive market. The management team realized that they were no longer as innovative and creative as they use to be and their attempts to keep customers engaged in the platform were no longer successful.

Like many growth companies, everyone in the organization was preoccupied with business maintenance. Staff had no time to explore innovative ideas and create new value. Company growth efforts focused on replicating the same business model into new markets. Suddenly the social dynamics that originally enabled creativity to flow within the team were lost. Once those dynamics are broken they are hard to reignite without external intervention.

Ingenious Softworks helped to refresh their platform by creating an engagement engine that introduced suplementary games, created a community of lottery players and enhanced the automated marketing capabilities of the platform.

Once the engagement engine was designed and fully integrated into the company platform, Ingenious Softworks gradually re-introduced staff into the creative dynamics already established by our team. This process became the catalyst that restored the company’s own ability to look beyond the everyday challenges.

Since our participation on the project, the company captured an important share of the Middle East and Asian markets, competed successfully in Europe with other giants of the business, and maintained their strong leadership in the Americas with a constant flow of new initiatives to entertain and engage users.

The client view

“Ingenious Softworks is an outside company that can do the work of a specialized consultant and executing team at the same time. They not only tell you what you need to do but they do it. I think that they are the kind of partner that is extremely difficult to find.”

Ariel Pfeffer

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