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Case Summary
Designing Feelings
Ingenious Softworks helped the Ottokar founders design and develop an application with human behavior in mind. The platform is fueled by the automatic positioning reports from its users, and from a behavioral perspective it was a challenge to design an experience that collected data anonymously while allowing users to feel part of a crowdsourced community.
About the client
Ottokar is a mobile platform that helps fun people find the party crowd. Launched in December 2014, Ottokar became a hit among young people looking for the trendiest place to hang out in popular South American beach destinations. Whether the in-crowd is hanging at a bar, a club or even at a party on the beach, Ottokar will track it on its nightlife radar.
The story
A group of friends created Ottokar after several frustrating attempts to find the hottest nightlife spots each time they travelled. Existing platforms listed restaurants and hotels but were not effective for nightlife activities, even when the apps included nightclubs and bars. Other solutions tracked places and not crowds. Because there is no party without people, it was impossible to know which spots were popular at specific times. Often the hottest places were not commercial venues, they were gatherings at private houses, parks or even bonfire parties on the beach.
The Problem
The creation of such platform was besieged by psychological challenges. The best way to track crowds was to track the movement of individuals. However, convincing people to install an app that would track their location, even when the tracking is anonymous, was not an easy task. To increase user adoption rates, the app had to be designed in a way that would project an image of trustworthiness at every step. Additionally, there were important challenges associated with the complex mathematical formulations required to reliably detect high concentrations of people without anchoring that detection to a physical location. Another key consideration was the app could not impact battery usage on the phones of the users.
The Solution
In order to overcome those challenges, Ingenious Softworks adhered to specific behavioral design techniques to make the app feel anonymous and completely safe to users. Ingenious Softworks developed a set of complex algorithms to calculate where crowds are gathering at any given time based on dynamic geopositioning scopes, pushing the technology of mobile georeferencing to the next level.
To help minimize battery usage, Ingenious Softworks created algorithms that report the positioning of the device to the cloud servers only when a significant position change is identified. This is done by tracking cellular network antennas IDs and signal level changes, minimizing the GPS and mobile data usage which are activities that consume high amounts of energy.
As a result Ottokar is the ideal solution for visitors to new cities or casual partygoers looking for places to have fun and meet new friends. This combination of functionality made Ottokar one of the hottest mobile apps for the 2015 South American summer season.
The client view

“Working with Ingenious Softworks ended up being a great experience in many ways. Where I can highlight their amazing relationship with their clients (their involvement and care on every project is awesome), is their ability to add real value at every stage of the project, and their commitment to meet the deadlines where they excel.

Additionally I must emphasize their ability to solve the technical challenges involved in building our product which was very original, complex and innovative, without any similar references in the market to look at.

I can assure that they have proven their merits to be one of our essential partners and I’m sure we will keep working together for a long time.”

Ignacio Mailhos
CEO & Founder, Ottokar

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