Case: Gamblit Gaming

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Case Summary

Ingenious Softworks helped Gamblit Gaming to create a web application that simplified the process of integrating video games into their platform. The solution automatically generates the required code and facilitated the integration process. This approach minimized resistance from game developers and studios who perceived the platform adoption process as complex and costly in terms of development efforts.

About Gamblit Gaming

Gamblit Gaming links the casual video gaming industry with the gambling space. Gamblit Gaming technology enables a wide range of video game genres to incorporate wagering experiences for distribution through online and on-site casinos worldwide. Gamblit's platform provides all essential regulated technology, licenses and customer operations releasing video game developers, publishers, and casino operators to focus on designing the best possible video game experience for their players.

The story

Gamblit Gaming emerged to help casino operators incorporate new gaming experiences that would attract younger audiences to their venues and game developers that sought to generate revenue from the gambling industry without the extremely complex requirements of this highly regulated business. Rapid increase in demand forced the company to grow their technology capabilities quickly to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Gamblit’s platform is extremely powerful and driven by innovative concepts, but it is also complex. Game developers perceived it as too expensive, considering the technical efforts and time required to integrate their games. This situation negatively affected the adoption rate of the platform among video game studios and diminished the quantity of content available for casino players.

Because Gamblit’s engineering in-house resources were focused on finishing the platform, staff were unable to develop a solution for the game developers’ adoption problems.

Our solution was to assemble a team with our engineers specialized in Casino technologies and to fill the gap between the Gamblit Gaming platform and the casual video game developers by creating a web application that could automatically generate the code needed to connect the games. This web application works as a “visual code generator” where game developers define and register their game dynamics into the Gamblit Gaming platform by dragging blocks and connecting lines on the screen.
Executed in a three month period this web application minimized the effort and the investment required from games publishers to make their games compatible, removing the most important rejection reasons the developers had about adopting the platform as a revenue source.

The client view

"I have been the CEO of two US companies which have utilized Ingenious Softworks for highly innovative and complex projects in the extremely regulated casino gaming space, and they have proven to be a great option to implement such kind of projects by themselves or to supplement any engineering team."

Eric Meyerhofer
CEO & Founder, Gamblit Gaming

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