Case: FutureLogic

World Class Systems, Delivered

Case Summary

Ingenious Softworks helped FutureLogic create and launch PromoNet, an ambitious, mission critical system that enabled casinos around the world to leverage their revenue by empowering them to use behavioral design techniques and create digital and physical experiences specially crafted for their clients.

About FutureLogic

FutureLogic is a world leader designer and manufacturer of OEM printing solutions for a wide range of applications, especially in the field of casino and gaming vouchers.

The story

FutureLogic sought to retain their leadership position despite increasing commoditization in the OEM specialty printing business. Company leadership decided that the best way to deliver new business value was to create an information systems division. Combining their physical technologies and devices with world class software would solve specific business problems for the high-value, niche industries where they already have deep market penetration.

The first of those niche integrated systems was PromoNet. Designed and engineered by Ingenious Softworks, PromoNet enhances the experience of casino players with customized rewards and perks based on their playing activity patterns. This solution revolutionized the casino systems business by redefining what's technically possible to accomplish in terms of casino technology integration.

It took several years and specialized engineering teams to achieve the market changing innovations and new product capabilities. Ingenious Softworks integrated legacy systems and hardware devices plagued by proprietary and undocumented protocols with new software that conforms to industry regulations and strict security standards. Most importantly, this solution enabled the company to create a new business line that differentiates them from their competition. The company unlocked new customer segments, reinvigorated their existing product portfolio and refreshed their value proposition by solving more strategic industry challenges.

The client view

“For many years Ingenious Softworks has been our key partner to create and deliver our World Class Casino Systems.”

John Hilbert
VP of Intellectual Property & Systems, FutureLogic Inc.

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