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Case Summary
Unleashing user engagement
When CRMGamified launched the first version of their corporate CRM gamification platform, it turned out to be less effective in terms of user engagement than the team anticipated. CRMGamified hired Ingenious Softworks to help reenvision their products based on specific human behavior principles and game design strategies. The Ingenious Softworks redesigned solution translates the principles of human behavior into actual features that drive people to become more effective in the pursuit of their business objectives.
About the client
CRM Gamified is the leading global provider of gamification solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. With presence in the US, Canada and Latin America. CRM Gamified’s client list includes companies like Amway, Rehmann, and the University of Notre Dame plus many professional sports teams like the Phoenix Suns, Miami Dolphins and the San Diego Padres. CRMGamified provides one of the best solutions in the market to increase the effectiveness of Microsoft’s enterprise management platforms.
Who is using CRMGamified?
The story
CRMGamified was founded by a group of engineers with a large expertise setting up and customizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for major corporations globally, who had an interest in combining gamification with the CRM business. The team received a technical and commercial endorsement from Microsoft that led to their raising a Series A round of funding to create a new set of products that would enhance the MS Dynamics CRM platform with gamification techniques.
The Problem
To design the first version of their products the engineers conducted extensive research on proven game techniques applied to business software. After reviewing dozens of products, the engineers selected the best game attributes and designed the feature set for their product based on that criteria. Unfortunately, by the time the first version was ready to launch, the product failed to engage people at the level they expected. The company founders realized that gamification required more than leaderboards and badges to incentivize competition among CRM users.
The Solution

The company contracted Ingenious Softworks to redesign their platform in a way that could be engaging for users and really make a positive impact on their work. With that mission our team of experts in behavioral design redefined their products from the perspective of the human needs, capabilities and motivations of the the users, in a way that the platform could engage them in a positive spiral of interactions with the system based on amazing challenges and fun missions carefully balanced to provide the right push that the individuals need at any given time to be more effective and get more sales.

The redesigned CRMGamified platform is the most successful gamification platform in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem because it has the ability to understand its users, to challenge them to accomplish objectives that they feel they can actually achieve, and to celebrate with them their professional growth.

The most enganging CRM experience ever
The client view

We asked Ingenious Softworks for help at the beginning of 2014 and they assigned to us a team comprised by game designers, business consultants and behavioral designers. A that moment we felt our solutions were in the need of an innovation injection to finally become the ultimate engagement and motivation platform that we envisioned.
I will never forget their first impressions ‘Do you really think that these solutions are based in any gamification theory? This is like playing the Mario Bros game but without seeing anything else than the score indicator... You need to tell a story and make the player feeling in control of it... We need to work this hard from the scratch.’
During those months, this guys made us realize that our knowledge in game mechanics was still in its infancy. They completely evolved our understanding about the foundations of gamification. They helped us to introduce the new concepts that finally transformed our solutions, turning them into a completely crafted experience.

Besides the tangible improvements in our product designing and in pushing forward our product roadmap, we also really enjoyed their “way of doing”. They used creative workshops and agile techniques with a superb time usage efficiency involving all the team. I am convinced the help we received by Ingenious Softworks has been a decisive factor for our success in this adventure.”

Alejandro Morales
CEO & Co-Founder, CRMGamified

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