Case: Antel

Demonstrating Public Benefit of Corporate Investments

Case Summary

As a state-owned company the shareholders are all the citizens of Uruguay. For this reason educating the entire society about the complex technical background of any strategic investment is important for company leadership to be accountable for their decisions.

To accomplish this mission the Ingenious Softworks team created a piece of equipment that could explain a complex technology investment and its associated business in a very exciting way and turn basic knowledge about the topic into something viral among the society.

About Antel

With about $1B in revenue Antel is the leading telecommunications company in Uruguay (dominating the market over competition with world leaders like the Spanish Telefonica and the Mexican America Movil). Antel is one of the most respected companies in LATAM because of their high quality services and technical excellence.

Antel is recognized as one of the most efficient state owned companies in the world. Antel’s global business units include retail telecommunications services, highly specialized consulting services and a business partnership with Google dedicated to the management and operation of massive data lines across the Atlantic Ocean.

The story

Antel created a new business unit in partnership with Google to install, manage and operate massive international data lines across the Atlantic Ocean. The impressive value of the investment required the organization leaders to find a way to be accountable with their shareholders.
As Antel is an autonomous state owned company implementing this accountability involves reporting to the entire society about the strategic nature of the business and the investment. In order to do this successfully it was critical to educate the population about the subject first.

Quickly educating an entire society about a technically complex subject can be an extremely difficult task, specially reaching those parts of the population that their overall knowledge and personal interest about technology in general is extremely low.
Antel upper management team understood that this task was outside the core expertise of the company staff and that was critical for the company to do it successfully so they decided to trust it to the Ingenious Softworks team.

To accomplish that goal Ingenious Softworks team strategy was to create a Virtual Reality attraction that could be installed in selected locations and educate people about the subject, but at the same time the attraction had to be so exciting and interesting that everyone would be talking about it (and the subject) so others would want to try it as well.
Once finished the virtual reality physical attraction was a 1000+lb cabin where users can wear a set of virtual reality goggles and experience a multi sensorial first person educative journey about how fiber optics work, how data is transmitted and why the international submarine cables are becoming international strategic resources.
Crafted by a group of designers, engineers and psychologists, the 3 minute long educational story of the journey mixed with the sensorial experience turned out to be so effective that after trying it once almost everyone was able to correctly answer questions about the subject. Participants affirmed they had , never experienced anything like this and used phrases like “Amazing” or “Spectacular” to describe it. They also recommended the experience to everyone on their social network circles, propagating the knowledge to the rest of the society.

The client view

"We are extremely happy about working with Ingenious Softworks.
They have the typical enthusiasm you can only feel from the people that really enjoys what they do, while at the same time they are very professional on every step of the way from envisioning amazing concepts to execute their designs.
We really value the synergy that they have developed with our own team. This synergy leads them to keep proposing new amazing ideas to get us closer to our goals and to face together the challenges that show up with serious confidence."

Leonardo Kammermann
Innovation & Knowledge Management Division, Antel

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