Case: AmBev

Heavy duty software, for heavy duty needs

Case Summary

Ingenious Softworks helped AmBev in their efforts to maximize the efficiency of their logistics processes.
Ingenious Softworks developed a technological platform that analyzes and controls cargo loads going in and out of their manufacturing facilities. Our platform minimized the operating costs by reducing the required staff to control the cargo and the documentation verification, and even more importantly it maximized the plant production efficiency by expediting process time.

About AmBev

AmBev, a division of AB InBev, is the largest beer brewer in Latin America and the 5th largest in the world. Headquartered in Brazil, AmBev is the largest company in Latin America with a market value of $120 billion. AmBev owns, manufactures and distributes regional and global brands like Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois.

The story

Throughout periods of rapid growth, AmBev management consistently stressed efficiency in product production and distribution. However, business expansion resulted in increased congestion due to the manual processing time required for each vehicle. Incidents of mistakes and theft rose, while a disconnect grew between management’s statements about efficiency and the employees’ daily experience.

Employees were frustrated about manually inspecting every truck cargo and filing paperwork for every movement. In high season hundreds of trucks waited for processing. Management was unable to plan precisely due to variable processing times. Alternatively, not inspecting every truck or minimizing record keeping led to mistakes, theft and the perception of chaos.

AmBev hired Ingenious Softworks to help automate systems and maximize efficiency by making a system that could enable a smarter usage of the modern equipment they have in their facilities. Ingenious Softworks began with a study of the logistics process, the physical plants and data systems. The Ingenious Softworks team engineered a solution derived from applying human centered design and behavioral design techniques to create a system that combines novel technologies in a new way.

The final solution combines mission critical software with heavy electromechanical devices like industrial scales, cameras, sensors and robotic components. Ingenious Softworks employed a system of sensors and precise algorithms to identify vehicles, weigh the cargo and match data records against the ERP software. The scales and cameras enable software, developed by Ingenious Softworks, to estimate the weight and volume of the cargo going through control posts and direct trucks to specific destinations. The solution reduces error and theft, automates logistics and provides data for more precise planning.

Automating logistics through a combination of hardware and software integration helped to minimize and standardize vehicle processing time. AmBev increased production capabilities at plants during high season. Most importantly, the system reestablished control in the operation and reinforced the message that efficiency is the driving force of the company.

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