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Case Summary

We helped Ad4Content to design and develop a digital platform to connect the entire YouTube content creation ecosystem, enabling advertisers to reach their target audiences in the platforms in ways that are more effective, content creators to better monetize their products, and digital advertising agencies to have a one stop library to access content that can be integrated into their campaigns in a very easy way.

About Ad4Content

Ad4Content is a startup company dedicated to connect independent content producers for the YouTube platform with advertisers willing to communicate their brands to young digital audiences. With just a year of existence the company has been able to partner with more than the 50% of the major advertising agencies on their initial market, and is currently expanding the platform to two additional countries.

The story

Traditional advertising channels and most digital advertising techniques and tactics are totally ignored by young people at a basic subconscious level, a situation that makes it very hard for advertisers to be effective on delivering messages to the newer generations compared with before.

One of the ways that has proven to be extremely effective on those demographic segments is the usage of embedded marketing messages as an integral part of the high impact media productions created for niche segments and delivered on YouTube. This type of content is constantly changing like the audiences they are designed for, turning it very hard for advertisers and agencies to find and keep track of the creators themselves, to have reliable and actionable information about traction and demographic reach, and to project the impact of any future marketing action with them.
Additionally, independent creators usually have a hard time monetizing their productions properly, in a way that could enable them to reach a professional quality with their content.

The Ad4Content team contracted Ingenious Softworks to design and execute a technological platform that could connect all the players in the ecosystem considering their business dynamics, and enabling the advertisers and agencies to quickly find trending content and creators for the specific demographic segments they need.
The platform is based on a set of complex algorithms that work on top information extracted from the YouTube API in order to calculate and provide the effective and projected impact of the content on all the segments required by the advertisers.
This enables advertisers and agencies to quickly identify the content they need to integrate into their campaigns, calculate their projected impact and to seamlessly reach the creators in order to design the integration strategy, saving money and time while enabling better decisions.

Since it’s launch the platform turned into the reference in the markets it is available for advertisers trying to find YouTube productions to integrate their messages with, enabling a better planning of the YouTube channel in their campaigns, simplifying the integration process and contributing to the professionalization of the independent creators.

The client view

"Working with Ingenious Softworks turned out to be essential for our company, not only because they were the right option to help us create the platform but they also helped in opening a lot of doors to our company.
During this process we felt that we developed a much more personal bond than the typical client/provider relationship, for example because they are always trying to make our product better and not only just meeting the specs or requirements that we sent.

In my previous role as an executive in a major digital agency I accumulated 7 years of experience on this space being involved in almost 100 projects that mixed technology and business, and I know how hard it is to find a company that you can rely on and create a long term relationship.
Ingenious Softworks is really an strategic partner from the deepest understanding of that term. A company that not only delivers what you want, but is focused on creating added value.
We know we made the right choice partnering with them to cover our today and tomorrow technological needs."

Nicolas Ovalle
CEO & Co-Founder, Ad4Content

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